Life changes: Accept the fleeting moments

While at Burning Man,  I waited in the Will Call line from 4:20pm until 10:00pm. During the long line both baking and basking in the sun, I met some cool and interesting people. I played soccer as the sun began to set and also made connections with the people waiting behind me.  They were fire spinners. My love for Poi as I always am fascinated by the spinning of fire..I wanted to get to know them more. Continue reading Life changes: Accept the fleeting moments


On Co-Dependency

I’m getting the hang of this blogging thing.  I suppose.  I felt driven to tell my story after I came back from Burning Man.  This is what I seem to talk about…I cannot stress enough how life changing it is.  At least for me. Continue reading On Co-Dependency

Concentric Circle

How I miss the sunrise hitting my face and beaming into my tent.  The leftover techno that kept playing on repeat as I am awaken…time to go take a walk to the port a potty.  Carefully putting on my socks and boots to not get dust inside my tent.  Taking my square shaped pee bucket as I drag my heels walking along the morning sun.  The world is half asleep.  If I get lucky I wait for the ‘peeps’ to clean the potties and a fresh one awaits. Continue reading Concentric Circle