Happy at that Hour

Is it wrong to want to gather that very feeling…

To be happy at that hour?

As Fall approaches and already getting accustomed to this default way of things…I found that having that immense freedom being out in that desert for one week has made me more and more daring.  I enjoy socializing and networking with people.  “Cheers (Drink to That)” Rihanna song comes to mind.  I’m not an alki…I just feel that wanting to connect with people.  Expanding my social group…strengthening my already found friendships over giggles and spills…and babble…I say I love it!

I’m listening to Ben Howard “Keep Your Head Up” as life does get in the way when you have it all planned out.  Spontaneity and going with the flow are my new best friends.  Rigid life…out the window.  Checklists and to do lists are still near.  Flexibility and making the best out of situations have a new meaning in my life.

Checked my horoscope today and it says that I will meet someone!  I get all giddy like a fourteen year old all over again.  Yes, the love of my life is near…somewhere…where?  The universe’s time hopefully matches mine.  So in the meantime, and between time…I will be socializing and being happy at that hour…bubbly or no bubbly.  Life is interesting….


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