Old Fashioned. ..whaaat?

I don’t know what happened to the message in the bottle that I threw out to the ocean two years ago.

I was asking the universe to send me another man…some silly, quirky man named Daniel.  I know I couldn’t possibly get a carbon copy of him…some trait…some happy carefree Irish dude who would change my life forever like he did.

You see, I didn’t know what happiness meant until I met him. He showed me that I too, can be happy regardless of my story, my upbringing.  I couldn’t fathom at the time what it meant. To be happy and stay with it. To not let it slip away. Yeah we had shared many laughs and he never knew I spent close to my whole paycheck giving him his best birthday surprise party ever! Yes, I ordered a seafoam green marzipan cake shaped like a guitar.  He soo loved it! I was able to return that same love he showed me back! I was still in my process and healing from my journey.  He understood that and was very patient along the way.

Two months from now, will be three years that he racked up enough good karma points that he redeemed them and in exchange. ..heaven called him.

I still feel sad as December approaches. I sigh a big sigh as I write this during down time at work listening to 90’s jazz.

Daniel wouldn’t want me to be sad…if I shed a tear or two he wouldn’t want me crying too long as he would cry with me and or hand me a folded up tissue from his pocket. I think I got a habit now of collecting napkins whenever I go to a cafe. Yeah Daniel, I got that from you! Ha!

I know you are looking at me from wherever you are and are smiling cute as a squirrel as you are soo proud of me of what I became now. I am always grateful. ..God blessed me that day when I met you. Thank you.



aka Chai


2 thoughts on “Old Fashioned. ..whaaat?

  1. Hi Michelle,

    I’m glad to have met you tonight. I tried to leave a comment but don’t know if it happened so sorry if I’m repeating myself.

    I enjoyed our conversation at the front desk and I am sorry to read about your loss.

    I really like your blog and I’m a follower.



  2. Hi, Matt. I am able to see your comment. You are the first to comment on my blog! I think my Reply tags are not easy to read. I have to make the color stand out so people can see that there is a comment button there. Thank you for reading my blog! I will check yours out!


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