Today, Not Yesterday

Stream of consciousness..listening to Melodic Dubstep as I write this. Since going to Burning Man, I’ve been in full force creative mode.  My head hurts.  Too many plans and ideas running…I have to stop…no, gotta continue…I’m creative.  That’s my sign.  I am a fire sign.  Trail blazer…it’s in my heart and soul.  No stopping me.  When I fall, I get back up..resilient is what I want tattooed on…no, the Philippine flag and a symbol of my black heritage.  See, my creative energy is all over the a good way.  A ball of positive energy that people love to be around.  It’s awesome!  I think that everyone has that light and that energy..they just have to tap into it.

When I first heard Melodic dubstep, I feel like I’m in a flight suit…olive green and dragging my feet in quicksand…heading to victory.  Triumph is what comes to mind…and then one can think that Dubstep sounds like it is being thrown into a garbage disposal.

Yeah, my Chai Latte has gone cold and 3/4 leftover…back to my lists of Things To Do.


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