Life changes: Accept the fleeting moments

While at Burning Man,  I waited in the Will Call line from 4:20pm until 10:00pm. During the long line both baking and basking in the sun, I met some cool and interesting people. I played soccer as the sun began to set and also made connections with the people waiting behind me.  They were fire spinners. My love for Poi as I always am fascinated by the spinning of fire..I wanted to get to know them more.

We moved along slowly telling each other’s stories. .laughing. ..a connection was made.  I told them where I was camped at..and I tried to keep the name of their theme camp in my head. I lost it. As the days progressed I thought of them. It brought a smile to my face as they were the first ones I interacted with since my first day arriving.  All I have is a group photo of them which reminds me of that very day. Sharing Power Bars and going for the walk to each other’s cars. That’s what I remember.  That very moment.

Another situation was when I was drawn to Center Camp. I met a beautiful woman who looked like a friend of mine.  I approached her and instantly a connection was made. We embraced for a while and it felt like our hearts meshed so warmly and welcoming.  I never forgot that feeling.  I got her email and reached out to her and haven’t heard back. I began to Google her (hey we all do now, right?)

And it turns out that she has a blog. I read about her life story and ironically we have a lot more in common.

Days after being back from Burning Man. .I reached out to a friend and he told me to bring back what I learned out there.  I thought long and hard. ..I have my friendly, positive energy. .my smile. ..nah…I have these qualities already. So what can I bring back to ‘default?’

And that’s when it hit me. tell my story. Own it and tell my story as if I had healed so much from it..and thankfully I am getting there.

But these two connections rather brief felt like a forever was all that I had. What if that’s all the time I got to spend with them to learn something? From a five minute hug to waiting hours in line..there is a message here. A message along the way that is life changing.

Maybe I won’t ever see them again…maybe I was supposed to have met the chick at Center Camp to become inspired to make my own blog.

There are fleeting moments that happen to us…you just have to be to receiving that message that will teach you.



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