Concentric Circle

How I miss the sunrise hitting my face and beaming into my tent.  The leftover techno that kept playing on repeat as I am awaken…time to go take a walk to the port a potty.  Carefully putting on my socks and boots to not get dust inside my tent.  Taking my square shaped pee bucket as I drag my heels walking along the morning sun.  The world is half asleep.  If I get lucky I wait for the ‘peeps’ to clean the potties and a fresh one awaits.

Back to tent it is…a few people on bikes..twirling about…I make my way back ‘home.’  I go where my heart takes me..Center Camp.  I hop on the small green bike and off I go to a far distant land..wait, I’m already in it.

The magic hits me.  The vast open space of biggest playground that my inner child could run in…it’s mine.  Can’t say no to dreams..ha!  That third grader who climbed the play structure and in awe said, “Paradise” as that open space of a park was so vast…so free.  I’m giving that young girl her space, her freedom of the billionth no’s that she had to it’s her time to shine.

The other world is slowly seeping it’s way to mind’s eye.  I don’t want to know that I have a car payment, all of that distracting stuff that boxes us, separates us and categorizes us into tight labyrinths..I’m already claustrophobic as I write this.

I miss the kisses..followed by hugs..wait whatever order they arrived in.  I miss the connecting of souls that match fit like a key.  The standing embraces that felt like love sideways glowing perfectly..with no interruptions an energy is born.  It’s magical..all of it.   This is what binds us beings together..all of it.



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